Saturday, 20 June 2009

The run up to and complete guide to Liverpool Capital Of Custard. The Storeys behind the scenes and the life and times of Jasper Harbottle

I did it my way...says ex Chief Exec of the Custard Company Jasper Harbottle

The most accurate - ish account of the politics and intrigues around Grotty Cash's Year in the headlights as European Capital of Custard 2008. The Rise and Fall of Jasper Harbottle, Stunned Fish, the influence of Sir Diddy and Wally Bradlow's Gang. But despite them all...we got through it, thanks to Professor Phil Rednose saving the he tells everyone. Where's his bench by the way?
The Archived collection of posts is at the foot of the page. Read on and learn yerself Culture.
This is also the closure of the blog to Celebrate Capital Of Custard 2008 but fear not, you can still keep up to date with;
Professor Chucklebutty's Liverpool
Political & Cultural Chronic Calls
New for 2009 the legacy years start now!

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